Book, Music, and Lyrics by Tyler Beattie & Emma Lively

Originally produced at The 5th Avenue Theatre, Seattle, Washington

January 31 - February 23, 2020




About the Premiere Production:

Synopsis: Welcome to the Deep Dark Forest, a mysterious place where fairy godfathers await to grant your every wish—“happily ever after” guaranteed. Or is it? Bliss is an electrifying new musical that tears up the rules on happy endings.


In this addictive fractured fairytale created at The 5th, four wildly distinctive royal sisters sneak out of their castle and discover an intoxicating world of fancy balls and dreamy princes—and a burning desire to be at the center of it all. 


In a world that demands they fit in, it will take a sister’s love to remind them to stand out. Together they discover that chasing their bliss means leaving expectation behind.


Take an adventure unlike any other!

Artistic Statement:
As a regional theatre, we are constantly striving to produce work that is relevant to a rapidly evolving, at times eroding, cultural landscape. I am increasingly interested in how the work we create goes beyond reflecting the world we live in, to improving our world and nourishing the human spirit. Bliss is exciting and relevant--it offers a unique opportunity to challenge gender stereotypes and ignite intergenerational conversations among women about identity.

Bliss centers around four royal sisters who all take a journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment. These women are fierce, independent princesses who forge their own paths. Our culture creates unrealistic and unattainable standards for women, which combine dangerously with how we define and value beauty and perfection. Bliss is powerful theater at a time when girls and young women face continued pressures to “fit in.” Bliss asks us to reconsider these tropes and suggests we could live “happily ever after” if we would stop contorting ourselves to fit the mold for someone else’s fairy tale.

I am proud to share this message and produce a musical where four female characters are all front and center! Unlike many narratives, these women are not sidekicks, a funny best friend, or obsessed with romance and marriage but are front-and-center sisters, dazzlingly smart and interested in science, math, language, the stars, and animals—they are curious about things all humans find compelling. Bliss is a conversation starter, includes a strong female creative team, boasts a refreshingly strong female empowerment narrative, and highlights fresh new voices. This is why we are sharing Bliss now!

- Artistic Director Bill Berry

Grant Statement: We are thrilled to receive such generous support from the Edgerton Foundation New Play Award. This grant will allow the writers and creative team the privilege to continue developing Bliss—we will be writing and re-writing Bliss throughout the rehearsal and preview process. This hard work is so important to creating the best musical we can. I have fallen in love with the music—it is modern, smart, and hummable—and I feel compelled to tell this supremely feminist twist on the classic princess fairy tale. We are so grateful to the Edgerton Foundation for their belief in Bliss!

- Bliss Director, Sheryl Kaller

Director: Sheryl Kaller

Choreographer: Josh Prince

Cast:  Mario Cantone