By Theresa Rebeck
Originally produced at Dorset Theatre Festival, Dorset, VT
July 11 - 27, 2019

About the Premiere Production:
A dying plant shop in a dying urban neighborhood receives a visitor from the past:  Meghan, the neighborhood screw-up, whose suicide attempt followed a terrible tragedy.  Roger, the store owner, wants nothing to do with this situation, but Meghan is improbably clinging to life. Can a soul beyond saving be saved?  A play about courage, redemption and photosynthesis.

Artistic Statement: 
As Dorset Theatre Festival’s Resident Playwright, Ms. Rebeck has developed more than six productions at the Festival that have gone on to other stages around the country, including Seminar (Broadway 2011 starring Alan Rickman), Dead Accounts (Broadway 2012 starring Katie Holmes), Zealot (Susan Blackburn Finalist), Fool (Alley Theatre 2014), The Way of the World (2018 Women’s Voices Theatre Festival, Folger Theatre, Washington, DC), The Novelist (Theatre Three Dallas 2016) and Downstairs (2018 Off-Broadway starring Tim and Tyne Daly at Primary Stages).
In 2018 Forbes Magazine called Rebeck “the most Broadway-produced female playwright of our time” while she had two smash-hit productions running simultaneously in New York City. And with a movie deal writing a new spy thriller (355 with Jessica Chastain, Penelope Cruz, and Lupita Nyong’o) in the works, we are honored to be part of her momentum and to welcome Theresa “home” for the summer.  Her newest work, Dig, will be primed and ready for a successful life in the American theatre repertoire after this summer’s World Premiere in Dorset. 

Grant Statement: 
"Because of the Edgerton Foundation, we can extend the rehearsal process for this play, which is always so important when producing something for the first time. It will be a deeper, more rigorous creative process. Bringing a play to life with designers directly involved in the process from the beginning is extremely important to us and one of the reasons that we are excited to support Theresa in the direction of her own play. Her vision for the world of the play is always influenced by the contributions of designers by whom she is inspired and challenged." -Dina Janis, Artistic Director

 Theresa Rebeck 
Set Designer: Christopher and Justin Swader
Lighting Designer: Philip Rosenberg
Costume Designer: Tilly Grimes
Sound Designer: Fitz Patton
CastJeffrey Bean, Gordon Clapp, Greg Keller, David Mason, Andrea Syglowski