Rare Earth Mettle

Rare Earth Mettle

By Al Smith

Originally produced at Royal Court Theatre London, UK

April 2 - April 25, 2020



About the Premiere Production:

Synopsis: “You don’t tell an American to switch off her light; you build her a better light bulb.”


A leading British doctor with a radical plan to save the NHS and a Silicon Valley billionaire with a radical plan to halt climate change, meet outside an abandoned train on a salt flat in South America.


A landscape so bright in its whiteness that it isn’t easy to look at, and so uninterrupted in its flatness there’s no echo.


For Kimsa and his daughter who live there, the arrival of these strangers initially seems like an opportunity. Until they both stake their claim on the land, each following their ruthless pursuit of ‘the greater good’.


“You only have an attachment to ideas. But I am attached to this place. I know the history. This land is a part of who I am”.

  Hamish Pirie

Additional funders: Rare Earth Mettle has been generously supported with a lead gift from Charles Holloway and by Cockayne Grant for the Arts, a donor advised fund of The London Community Foundation.