The Travelers

By Luis Alfaro
Originally produced at Magic Theatre, San Francisco, CA
February 15 – March 5, 2023

Synopsis: Experience why Luis Alfaro remains a quintessential part of Magic Theatre and at the center of our future in many ways. Continuing Alfaro’s legacy is emblematic of our own present state, as a city and nation : immigrant life, the heartland, our migrant roots, lost connections and longing in between. Set inside a nearly abandoned Catholic monastery, The Travelers explores a disconnected community and a search of corazon with intimate honesty and inspired humor. This premiere is focused on an all male presenting group of actors, and will be designed by an all female and nonbinary identified team, led by director Catherine Castellanos.

Artistic Statement: Continuing Alfaro’s amazing work that is emblematic of California- the immigrant life, the city rearing, the migrant roots- he aims to make a new play that reflects on the state of our state, and therefore our country. Alfaro sets us inside a near abandoned Catholic monastery, as he explores the disconnect to community through a cast of men in search of connection and corazón with intimate honesty and inspired humor. These travelers are emblematic of our communities of the Central Valley as they seek some soul connection in our State that is building prisons over schools and forgoing any sense of faith over fear mongering. In the original voice of our Latine world- Alfaro’s writing breaks through religious dogma, recognizes our cultural connections, and offers solace for our communal souls. Alfaro’s Bay Area works include premieres at the Magic Theatre: Oedipus el Rey, Bruja, This Golden State: Delano; and with several local theatres: Alleluia, The Road, Electricidad, and more. Alfaro was most recently part of the Artistic Leadership at Center Theatre Group in Los Angeles and continues on the Faculty at University of Southern California, among his many positions and titles. Previously, Alfaro was the Playwright In Residence at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

Grant Statement
: The Edgerton Foundation’s support of the Magic Theatre and the writers who call the Magic home has made a significant impact on the organization. To have this dedicated support from the Edgerton Foundation will be essential in support for this world premiere play- that will be undergoing real time rewriting with the playwright and company- This is also a continued support to the Magic Theatre, one of the very few remaining theatres of this with a history and ongoing commitment to the development and premiering of all new works. Specifically this will help make a fourth week of rehearsal for The Travelers possible for the Magic Theatre and Alfaro to realize this play’s full promise and set up this important work for success at the Magic and beyond.

Writer Luis Alfaro
Director Catherine Castellanos