All the More to Love

All the More to Love

By Marc Jacobs, Marion Adler, and Craig Bohmler

Directed by Michael Barnard

Originally produced at Phoenix Theatre, Phoenix , AZ .

April 7,2010 through April 25, 2010

About the Premiere Production:
Magic happens at All the More to Love, Erna's resale clothing store for plus-sized women - and the occasional cross-dresser.

 A spinster becomes the star of her own MGM musical, an oil rigger gets in touch with his feminine side, an opera diva gets revenge on those who won't let the fat lady sing and a diet dropout becomes enshrined in an Impressionist masterpiece.

 No one leaves All the More to Love the same in this new, whimsical and ,laugh-out-loud musical which celebrates beauty that is deeper than anything the magazines sell.

Artistic Statement:
As part of Phoenix Theatre and my own artistic mission statements, we are dedicated to the efflorescence of New Works and thrive on providing a safe-environment where writers, composers and lyricists have the opportunity to develop their creative works, ultimately contributing to the canon of materials available to the Regional Theatre Market.

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, one-third of Americans (approximately 72 Million) are obese. This staggering fact coupled with the plethora of media influence and coverage, Hollywood, fashion and commercial pressures; make All The More To Love a relevant and timely examination of the universal importance of loving who we are and not just how we look. At the core of All The More To Love, characters visit a fashion store to improve their outward appearance only to leave having strengthened their self-image and self-esteem; a transformation that will leave our audiences and audiences to come with a cathartic satisfaction and a celebration to all the more we all are.

Balanced with exciting theatrical conventions, challenging production elements, music and book, All The More to Love promises to be a new theatrical work that will continue to advance Phoenix Theatre’s presence in New Work development.

Director: Michael Barnard

Music : Craig Bohmler

Lyrics : Marion Adler

Book : Marc Jacobs

Additional Funders:

Corporate Season Host Sponsor: US Airways

Individual Season Host Sponsor: Carole and Robert Machiz

Season Musical Sponsor: PT Guild