Matthew Modine Saves the Alpacas

Matthew Modine Saves the Alpacas

By Blair Singer

Directed by John Rando

Originally produced at Geffen Playhouse, Los Angeles, CA.

September 16,2009 through October 18, 2009

About the Premiere Production:
Matthew Modine stars as Matthew Modine in Matthew Modine Saves the Alpacas, the world premiere of this rollicking satire that parodies celebrity humanitarianism, Hollywood and hand sanitizer. Eighties heartthrob Matthew Modine was ‘A-List’ all the way. But now, a couple decades later, he’s not any lists. He needs to get back in the limelight – he needs ... a Cause. With the help of uber-publicist Whimberly North, Matthew channels his talents toward the common good and heads off to a small South American village to meet the Chimborazzi tribe and save their alpacas. Now, if only there wasn’t so much dirt in Ecuador...

Artistic Statement:
For years, we’ve been looking for a project to work on with Blair Singer and we fell in love this play. It came at a time when we specifically looking for comedies, but also trying to find the right balance between funny and meaningful. Matthew Modine Saves the Alpacas Strikes a great balance – it's laugh-out-loud funny, but it also takes on some meaty issues - ethnocentricity, philanthropy and celebrity. And we love this unique concept that an actor is playing a fictionalized version of himself. It’s satire like we haven’t seen on stage before. - From Artistic Director Randall Arney

Director:John Rando