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VR, AR and other Digital Tools for Remote Performance

Remote performances can easily look like hastily put together film, and theatre suffers in the comparison. But in a post-COVID-19 world, what other options are there? In this webinar, Alex Coulombe (Agile Lens), Jasper Tarr (Adventure Lab), Brendan Bradley (The Jigsaw Ensemble), and Heather...

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TCG Habla Tecnología: la realidad virtual y aumentada y su papel en #TCG19

La semana pasada en la oficina de TCG, yo atormente a mi hijo, el Príncipe de Dinamarca, mientras que el presentaba lo que aparecía como una obra de teatro mediocre para mi esposa y hermano (quienes están casados , algo que es un poco preocupante). De vez en cuando, mientras observaba cómo se...

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TCG Talks Tech: Virtual and Augmented Reality and its Role at #TCG19

Last week in the TCG office, I haunted my son, the Prince of Denmark, as he put on what seemed like a pretty mediocre play for my wife and brother (who are now married, which is a little troubling). Every now and again, while watching this scene unfold, I heard giggles that seemed slightly out...