Anti-Harassment Policy

Anti-Harassment Policy & Reporting System

TCG is working to provide a safe, inclusive, and welcoming Fall Forum experience for everyone. We do not tolerate harassment or discrimination in any form in our Fall Forum spaces. While TCG generally advocates for “call-in cultures” (gently disrupting moments of injury when they occur) to address microaggressions and avoid punitive approaches to conflict resolution, we believe a reporting system – outlined below – is necessary to ensure safe spaces at the Fall Forum and other TCG convenings. If a participant engages in harassing or discriminatory behavior, the TCG Fall Forum producing team retains the right to take actions that are also outlined below. Participants who are asked by TCG staff to stop any harassing behavior are expected to comply immediately. For the security and safety of all, TCG Fall Forum badges must be worn at all times by all registered participants.

For TCG’s definitions of discrimination and harassment please see our Definitions addendum.

Reporting at the Fall Forum

The TCG Fall Forum team may take action to redress behavior intended to disrupt the Fall Forum or make the environment hostile for any participants. We ask participants to consider their behavior at all Fall Forum-related venues and social activities, including any events hosted by TCG.

If you are being harassed by a Fall Forum participant, TCG employee, exhibitor, contractor or other third-party, notice that someone else is being harassed, or have any other concerns, you are encouraged to report it by one of the avenues listed below, either anonymously or with attribution.

Anonymous Report
You can make an anonymous or attributed report here. We can't follow up an anonymous report with you directly, but we will look into it as thoroughly as possible and take whatever action is necessary to prevent a recurrence.

You may also anonymously text the TCG convening support line: (917) 473-9067

TCG’s Community Team, listed below, will coordinate an immediate response, and someone will get right back to you. It will be your choice as to whether you provide your name, and set a time to allow the Community Team member to follow up with you in person.

Personal Report You can make a personal report by texting the above support line, and offering your name to the Community Team, one of who may ask you to sit down with them so they may take your report from you personally..

When taking a personal report, our Community Team member will ensure you are safe and cannot be overheard. While keeping you informed, they may involve other TCG staff to ensure your report is managed properly. Once in private, we'll ask you to tell us about what happened. This can be upsetting, but we'll handle it respectfully, you can bring someone to support you, and you won't be asked to confront anyone.

Reporting Need-to-Knows

  • For any actions taken by TCG to address the issue, we will seek the consent of the reporter. However, TCG retains the discretion to take all necessary action called for under the circumstances.
  • Before any action is taken, to the extent possible, the report will be shared with the members of the TCG Community Team listed below, and with TCG leadership (Teresa Eyring and Adrian Budhu).
  • TCG reserves the right to take any action we believe is appropriate, or take no action, depending on the particular circumstances of each report.
  • Any actions taken will be shared with the reporter upon their completion to the extent that TCG is able to do so.

TCG strictly prohibits any type of retaliation against an individual who in good faith raises a complaint or concern regarding unlawful discrimination or harassment, otherwise opposes unlawful discrimination or harassment, or reports a violation of these policies or participates in any investigation concerning a reported violation.

Please be aware, TCG and our Community Team will not be equipped to provide counseling, retribution, or emotional support other than being sensitive to the situation while taking an account of what happened. Our team will be happy to help you contact local law enforcement, local support services, provide volunteer escorts, or otherwise assist you to feel as safe as possible for the duration of the event. We value your attendance.

Potential Actions

Actions can include (but are not limited to): 

  • facilitating a dialogue with the parties; 
  • offering a non-attributed warning about the problematic behavior; 
  • requiring the perpetrator to leave the Fall Forum at their expense; 
  • allowing the perpetrator to remain at the Fall Forum on a “no contact” condition with the reporter;
  • limiting access to TCG supported events in the future; 
  • and, if necessary, alerting law enforcement of criminal behavior.

Direct Contact Information

TCG Community Team (all members of TCG staff): 

Devon Berkshire |, cell 917-623-9867

Hannah Fenlon |, cell 765-721-0838

Elena Chang |
CorinnaSchulenburg |

Emilya Cachapero | 


Find a complete list of local and national support resources HERE, including law enforcement, hotlines, medical facilities, transportation options, and TCG’s comprehensive resource guide on our website.