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Theatre Facts 2001 

10-30-2019 14:52

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Theatres contributed $923 million to the U.S. economy and attracted 21 million patrons (see p. 2).

♦ 44% of Survey Universe Theatres ended the year with negative change in unrestricted net assets (CUNA) — 6% more than in any of the past five years. The low average CUNA figure for 2001 — 4.1% — would be even more severe if we were to consider only operating funds (see p. 2).

♦ 2001 marks the second consecutive year that average single ticket income exceeded average subscription income. Subscription income increased annually but could not keep pace with expense increases (see p. 5).

♦ Expenses increased 35.6% from 1997 to 2001 while total income outpaced inflation by only 31.2% over the same period. The net result is that while average CUNA remained positive in each of the five years, it decreased in its proportion to total expenses (see p. 5).

♦ Fewer theatres are co-producing (see p. 6).

♦ Artistic payroll remains theatres’ greatest allocation of resources, and theatres provided more actors employment in 2001 than in any recent year (see p. 7).

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