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Theatre Facts 2005 

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Theatres contributed over $1.53 billion to the U.S. economy in the form of salaries, benefits and payments for goods and services (p. 2).
♦ For the first time, the 5-year earned income growth exceeded the 5-year growth in expenses (p. 3).
♦ Generally speaking, deficits have been less severe in the past two years while surpluses have been greater (p. 4).
♦ Ticket sales covered a decreasing proportion of expenses: nearly 6% less in 2005 than in 2001 (p. 5).
♦ Total individual giving was by far the greatest source of contributed funds for each of the years examined and supported 4.2% more expenses in 2005 than in 2001 (p. 11).
♦ The percentage of Trend Theatres with a negative working capital ratio was 56% in 2001 and 67% in 2005. The increase in total net assets over the five years was put into investments, equipment, land and buildings, but not into readily available funds to meet daily needs (p. 14).
♦ Theatres apparently employed their cash reserves in 2005 to meet their cash flow needs. As a result, reserves were at a five-year low, reflecting an inflation-adjusted 40% decrease over the past five years (p. 13).
♦ Theatres are seeing declining audiences despite increases in the number of performances offered (pp. 14-15).
♦ For the first time, average single ticket income exceeded subscription income for every budget group (p. 19).

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