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Theatre Facts 2013 

10-30-2019 15:58

Not-for-profit theatres contributed over $2 billion to the U.S. economy and attracted 34.9 million attendees, according to Theatre Facts 2013, released by Theatre Communications Group (TCG). Based on the annual TCG Fiscal Survey, Theatre Facts is the only in-depth report that examines the attendance, performance and overall fiscal state of the not-for-profit professional theatre industry.

On average, the Trend Theatres reported that total earned income supported 15.9% more of total expenses in 2013 than 2009, contributing to a shift from negative average Changes in Unrestricted Net Assets (CUNA) in 2009 to just above breakeven in 2013. CUNA, defined as the balance that remains after subtracting total expenses from total unrestricted income, increased 111.5% over the 5-year period. All of the financial changes
reported in this press release reflect inflation-adjusted figures for the 5-year period.

Led by the recovery of the stock market, theatres posted a 40.8% growth in total earned income. This increase reflects the impact of the recession on 2009 numbers, and the growth across multiple earned revenue streams, including:

• On average, single ticket income grew by 7.8% since 2009 and remains the greatest source of earned income annually. While subscription income decreased 9.3% over the 5-year period, it has risen annually since 2010, and remains the second largest source of earned income. Total ticket income increased 0.5% and total attendance rose 0.4% over the 5-year period.
• Earned income from education/outreach programs (workshops, classes, etc.) was up for the fourth straight year, reaching a 5-year high in 2013. On average, theatres offered 8 different types of programs in 2013, which served 18,033 people.
• Over the 5-year period, rental income grew 33.4%, booked-in events brought in 32.9% more income and concessions income rose 33.9%. Overall, earned income from sources other than tickets and investments increased 18.3% from 2009.

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