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Theatre Facts 2016 

10-30-2019 14:15

Theatre Facts 2016 reflects data from the fiscal year that theatres completed between October 31, 2015 and
September 30, 2016. Following an Executive Summary, the report presents data in three ways:

● The Universe: a broad overview of the estimated 1,850 U.S. professional not-for-profit theatres;
● Trend Theatres: a longitudinal analysis of the 131 theatres that completed the TCG Fiscal Survey each
year from 2012 through 2016, with a side-note offering a 10-year view, based on a subset of 94 theatres
that participated each year since 2007; and
● Profiled Theatres: a detailed examination of all 182 theatres that participated in TCG Fiscal Survey 2016,
with data broken out into six budget categories based on annual expenses.

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