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What Theater Can Do Best

Checking in with Denver Center’s Theater Company on what they’ve learned about their audiences from championing immersive theater. Two years ago, we embarked on our Building Audiences for Sustainability (BAS) Stories Series, which has chronicled early accounts from the BAS initiative. One of...

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TCG Impact Report: 58 Years of Advancing the Theatre Field

As the national service organization for the professional not-for-profit theatre, we think and advocate on behalf of our 500+ member theatres from 48 states with budgets ranging from $50 thousand to $50 million. As a result of TCG’s steadfast support of the national theatre field, theatres in...

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Evolve to Thrive: How Living Institutions Engage Community.

Ever since I started working with the Wallace Foundation, I'd heard about Magda Martinez. The impact of her work is beautifully chronicled in Staying Relevant in a Changing Neighborhood: How Fleisher Art Memorial is Adapting to Shifting Community Demographics . So I was thrilled when Magda...

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