Education Staff Post Conference Archives

2020 Education Staff Post-Conference Archives

On June 11, 2020, TCG gathered education colleagues from across the country to explore three interconnected and timely issues: 1) Reimagining Education Programs for this Fall; 2) How can theatres sustain and grow the field of Teaching Artists? and  3) The role of Education and Engagement in Equity, Diversity & Inclusion and Culturally Responsive Pedagogy

The role of Education in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and Culturally Responsive Pedagogy
Led by Kati Koerner, Education Director, Lincoln Center Theater and Nikki Toombs, Director of Education, Kenny Leon’s True Colors Theatre Company

What are the particular responsibilities and opportunities for companies in applying their EDI values to work that centers white artists? As Education Departments, how do we navigate artwork that doesn’t reflect the culture of our students with our desire to practice culturally responsive pedagogy? How can we empower students to understand their positionality and use it to shape a series of critical lenses through which to view the work on our stages? How are we equipping teaching artists to engage and mediate between the art and students? Last, as we navigate moving our work to online platforms, what are the equity issues that we must address? Knowing that some students will not have access to computers and/or the Internet, what strategies can we put in place to increase digital accessibility that will align with our EDI values?

How can Theatres Sustain and Grow the Field of Teaching Artists?
Led by Johamy Morales Education Director, Seattle Children’s Theatre, & TCG Board Member and 
Korbi Adams, Director of Education and School Programs, Childsplay

How can theatres sustain and grow the field of Teaching Artists when the cost of living continues to increase and budgets are tight? Particularly right now, how can theatres hire and train TAs to work amidst the COVID-19 crisis and schools operating completely remotely? Are TAs considered employees or independent contractors and how can organizations support their career paths? When we do return to schools, how to prepare and train TAs to adapt and be flexible to their different classroom environments in an effective way and keep them abreast as theatre education continues to evolve? How do organizations build a healthy ecosystem for teaching artists and students coming into the field? We will be looking at the relationship between Education departments and internships, fellowships, and apprenticeships—how is the field investing in the pre-professional experience in order to build for the future?
Reimagining Education Programs for this Fall
Led by Jenny Toutant, Education Director, Milwaukee Repertory Theater and 
Pamela DiPasquale, Education Director, Cleveland Play House

How are theatres reimagining your Education Programs for this fall amid the COVID-19 crisis? Has the content changed? Are theatre educators developing new content to reflect the times we’re in? How are you expanding relevancy and making the case to school administrators and teachers to continue your partnerships and provide content now that all systems are strained? How are theatre educators transferring in-person experiences to a digital platform? What are the lessons you’ve already learned?