The Inheritors


A Call for the Future of Theatre

For some time, the theatre industry has been named a dying industry. And it is - as long as this industry continues to exclude Black and brown, queer, trans, disabled, poor, and young folk, the industry as we know it will die. The theatre industry’s struggle to serve and imagine ways to support the next generation is directly tied to the systemic inequalities that exist in the world at large. Institutional gridlock, gatekeeping, and economic inequality are only a few of the additional barriers to entry for young people in our field. The combined impact of these power structures, compounded by the reality of climate change, and having grown up online during a re:emergence of mass social justice organizing, uniquely informs the lived experiences of folks 30 and under - those on the Millennial/Gen Z cusp and Gen Z proper.

Join us in our continued efforts at the 2022 TCG National Conference: Pittsburgh to ensure a future for those who come after us, and an industry that works to dismantle the inequities halting us from thriving in the now.

The Inheritors: 2022 Curation Team

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The Inheritors: 2021 Inaugural Year

On Friday, May 14th, 2021, TCG is passing the mic to theatre-makers 30 and under.

Led by younger Millennial and Gen Z staff, an afternoon of programming uplifted and centered the young people who are a vital part of our theatre ecology. Centering those that are destined to inherit the leadership of our theatres and planet, young professionals dreamt of the industry we want, showcased the ways we are already practicing leadership, and built coalition with one another.

For those who have come before us, we invite you to hear the direct needs, visions, and expectations of your successors in the programming below. Feel free to email with questions.