Conference Goals

TCG 2019: Conference Goals

In an effort to create more transparency and communication around the Conference programming process, this year the TCG Conferences and Fieldwide Learning team will provide more information on this website, mainly through our TCG Conference Blog, about what we hope to accomplish and the experiences we hope to create with this year's National Conference.

While each city (and each year) inspires a different Conference, the TCG team works to adhere to a set of clear and consistent goals in building this annual, national convening of theatre people. For this year's Conference in Miami, we will make an effort to: 

  • Engage meaningfully with our host city and its art-making community.
  • Build equitable access to the Conference, especially for underrepresented communities.
  • Emphasize a process, both leading up to and during the Conference, that makes space for self-care, reflection, and joy for Conference attendees and TCG staff alike.
  • Uplift the voices and challenges of the most marginalized in our theatre community, and encourage further learning around equity, diversity, and inclusion, particularly for those with significant privilege and access.
  • Curate the most relevant professional development programming for our field through a lens of equity.
  • Facilitate personal and professional connections, resource-sharing, and collaboration among attendees, presenters, and TCG.
  • Introduce the theatre field to ideas, innovations, and models from beyond our industry.
  • Advance TCG’s strategic goals and values.

Last year, we introduced a Statement of Commitment to our Conference community, as well as a new Anti-Harassment Policy and reporting system. Feel free to read that statement and policy, and check back as we update it for our Miami Conference.

We’re looking forward to seeing you in Miami! If you have questions about anything, please feel free to direct them to