WellSpace is... the manifestation of the TCG Conference’s commitment to self-care: not just as a band-aid, or a one-time event or purchase, but as an ongoing practice of healing, restoration, and reflection that must be cultivated over time. Our personal self-care, and the self-care of those who work with and for us, demands an investment of our time and energy. If we are able to commit to that, the subsequent benefits (for us as individuals, and for our industry as a whole), will be transformative. The future of the theatre industry depends on the wellbeing of its theatre workers. Wellspace offers the unique opportunity to explore financially sustainable models of self-care, while also acting as a launching pad towards setting up an affordable self-care practice in an industry where compensation is not always a top priority. In Miami, this space serves as an opportunity to take part in and learn from ongoing activations, workshops, and healing circles that prioritize self-care and self-sustainability. WellSpace is also an invitation to practice and share your own self-care strategies such as meditation, journaling, art therapy, and beyond. We welcome you to visit WellSpace at any point during your Conference week to take some time to personally invest in yourself, and in our community. We'll see you at WellSpace.

WellSpace Co-Curators: Amara Brady, Viviana Vargas, Hannah Fenlon, Devon Berkshire

WellSpace Community Agreements:
  • Respect the people in the space: everyone is processing and engaging in their own way. Please note that multiple activations may be happening in the space at a given time.
  • Respect the objects in the space: they have been brought here with the intention of serving the community. 
  • Respect the ideas and content offered in the space: The aim of WellSpace is to create multiple entry points for self-care.
  • Respect the use of time in the space: Some activations in this schedule are time sensitive, and we ask that you help us by finishing up sessions you are leading/participating in at their appointed times.
  • Please do your best to keep the space clean and clean up after yourself.
  • Ask for consent regarding touching other people and their belongings.
  • Please avoid oppressive language in this space, and all TCG spaces. We encourage you to use liberated language in this liberated space! For example: if you aren’t familiar with someone’s gender pronouns, we suggest using gender neutral pronouns/identifiers (like they/them/theirs) instead of assuming a gender identity.
  • We are creating a space that emphasizes decolonized learning. In practice, this means that we will avoid programming that ignores or appropriates the cultural roots of certain self-care practices, and we will strive to create a dynamic that de-prioritizes the “expert status” of those leading a given activity. Remember: we all have something to learn and something to share.

*Please note: all programming below is subject to change. We encourage you to check back here (and in the Conference App) for updates!

Tuesday, June 4, 2019
TBD WellSpace Activation

Wednesday, June 5, 2019
WellSpace Opens

TBD WellSpace Activation

TBD WellSpace Activation

WellSpace Activation: Guided Journaling
Facilitated by Amara Brady

WellSpace Activation: Financial Well-Being
Facilitated by Amy Smith

The system is broken and the playing field is unlevel. How can we empower ourselves to create new systems and work collectively so that all artists and art workers can thrive financially? Topics will include valuing your time, “real cost” budgeting, long term financial thinking, and cooperative economic models.

TBD WellSpace Activation

WellSpace Closes

Thursday, June 6, 2019
WellSpace Opens
WellSpace Activation: Creative Charge
Facilitated by Jess Pillmore
Curiosity fuels the creative battery. Whether you identify as a creative or not, it's imperative to spark your curiosity to create a healthy, buoyant workspace. In this session, you'll warm up yours in order to search for the unknown gifts in your path—including obstacles, relationships, mundane tasks, and expectations. Using interdisciplinary arts and devising techniques, this workshop will help you form your own daily charge to awaken your senses and desire to live a vibrant, healthy life. This charge is adaptable to all professions and experience levels.

WellSpace Activation: Knitting & Fiber Arts
Facilitated by Megan Wanlass

TBD WellSpace Activation

WellSpace Activation: Self-Care for Caregivers
Facilitated by Deena Selenow

When one of your primary responsibilities is providing care for those around you (whether for children, parents, or other loved ones), how do you stay present with your own self-care needs and non-negotiables? This community discussion will serve as a space to share our challenges and strategies for self-care as caregivers, and to build solidarity in a field that often avoids the complexity of this conversation.


WellSpace Activation: Affinity Space for People of Color

WellSpace Closes

Friday, June 7, 2019
WellSpace Opens

WellSpace Activation: Tread Lightly Morning Walkabout
This is a meditative walking group exploration of downtown Miami. How do we ground ourselves to the Earth and one another in the middle of high stimulus, stress-inducing urbanity? Focusing on presence and gentleness, our walk will be guided by breathing, silence and lightening our impact on the Earth. We will ask participants to keep their phones off during this walk, and we may even hug a tree or two!

This activity is wheelchair accessible. We are excited to plan a session that is accessible to everyone who would like to participate. Additional accessibility accommodations can look like, but are not limited to: planned breaks, seated breaks, a stationary option, or other. Please contact facilitator about accessibility needs at elizabeth@fundarte.us.

WellSpace Activation: Contemplative Movement and Climate Justice
Facilitated by Annalisa Dias

In this session, we'll spend about half the time in contemplative movement practice (zero experience required!) and the second half in reflection on relationships to land/water/place. This session will also include a brief embodied introduction to the Just Transition framework! Bring something to write with and yourself.

WellSpace Activation: QTPOC Self-Care = Self Love
Facilitated by Viviana Vargas
This activation will provide self-identified queer and trans conference attendees of color with the space and time to process, reflect, heal, and uplift each individual along with the collective group. We will be using prompts from the Skills-Building Workshop “Self Care = Self Love: Creating A New Kind of To-Do List” on Thursday, however, the needs of the group will also direct the facilitation of the space. Please note, it is not required to attend the Skills-Building Workshop to attend this WellSpace activation. 

TBD WellSpace Activation

TBD WellSpace Activation

WellSpace Programming Ends