Theatre Journalism


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All-Conference Plenary Session

Wesley Morris, culture journalist and critic, New York Times, in conversation with Todd London, Director of Theatre Relations, Dramatists Guild

Thursday, June 6

9-10:15am (75m)


A forthcoming TCG Lab co-faciltated by Brian Herrera and Regina Victor.

This session will feature a facilitated, group discussion and brainstorm on the purpose (and potential) of theatre criticism and journalism in 2019. Can reviews be used for more than just traditional “butts in seats”-oriented press? How can reviewers and journalists become better collaborators with the artists and institutions they write about? How can arts journalism open itself up to a wider community while maintaining a high level of rigor? Who gets to be a critic, and can we make changes to that in a field where jobs are swiftly diminishing?

Wednesday, June 5
9am-12pm (3 hrs)

Skills-Building Workshop

Critical Thinking: A Review Writing Workshop and Conversation

Thursday, June 6

11am-3pm with lunch in between (2.5 hrs)

Breakout Sessions

Penny for Your Thoughts: New Funding Models for Arts Journalism

Thursday, June 6

11am-12:15pm (75m)

The Medium is the Message: New Platforms for Arts Journalism

Thursday, June 6
1:45-3pm (75m)

Getting on The Same Page: Journalists and Artists Revisit Our Common Values

Friday, June 7
11:15am-12:30pm (75m)

Live Podcast Recordings

Offscript Podcast with American Theatre
The editors of American Theatre magazine, along with Miami theatre critic Christine Dolen, chat it up with local theatre leaders.

Wednesday, June 5

2-3:15pm (75m)

Live with Art Accordingly Podcast

Thursday, June 6
1:45-3pm (75m)

Lunch Session

Lunch with American Theatre

Thursday, June 6
12:30-1:30pm (60m)