1994 Drama School Fellowships

Guildhall School of Music & Drama

Marchant, Tim: $10,000 for an intensive film workshop at NYU Film School

Miller, Pauline: $8,000 to study at Gitis, Russia's oldest drama school

Rose, Peter Pamela: $10,000 for training with Vasili Skorik in Russia

Juilliard School

Alford, David: $16,000 for the creation of a nonprofit theatre company in Nashville

Krevolin, Benjamin: $10,000 to study European and American theatre companies and their communities

McCrady, Tucker: $12,000 to create and direct a play for production in Nashville

Vincent, Brian: $10,000 for a production of his play entitled "Klarence with a K"

National Theatre School of Canada

Brubaker, Christine: $7,500 for voice training with the Royal National Theatre in London

Chabot, Eric: $7,500 for advanced martial arts training and the formation of a theatre company

Nind, Ben: $7,500 for training and performance with the Silamiut Theatre of Greenland

Sabourin, Gabriel: $7,500 for study at the Stanislavsky Sumer School and Ecole de Mime Corporel Dramatique

Tisch School of the Arts at NYU

Diamond, Jed: $8,000 for voice training and training with M. McCallion in London

Gibson, Julia: $12,000 for staged readings at Classic Stage Company and to direct two productions in New York

Lampley, Oni Faida: $10,000 for research and writing a new play

Lee, Joyce: $10,000 to study in Ghana with the University and the National Theatre

Mayer, Michael: $10,000 to observe the Houston and Santa Fe Operas and visit Glyndebourne

Yale School of Drama

Brown, Sarah: $9,500 for intensive Yiddish language study, research at Sterling Memorial Library, and interviews

Landey, Nina: $9,000 for a study of U.S. accents

Mladenovic, Milos: $9,000 for formal training at Eugenio Barba's Institute in Hostelboro

Randich, Jean: $10,000 to attend the International Ibsen Festival in Norway and assist with productions

Reddick, Lance: $12,500 for the composition of an original musical as a sequel to "The Wiz"