2000 Advanced Study Fellowships:

Cohen, Lynn: $15,300 for voice study with P. Rodenburg

Fuller, Penny: $5,000 to travel to Russia and Europe to see productions

Hollis, Tommy: $2,000 for private music and voice lessons

MacIntosh, Joan: $16,000 for advanced musical study with C. Goodchild

Maleczech, Ruth: $15,000 for research and study on Lucia Joyce

Maloney, Peter: $14,550 to travel to England and Ireland to study storytelling and work with S. Cadell

Maxwell, Roberta: $3,200 to study at the Alexander Institute for one year

Morfogen, George: $15,000 to travel to Russia, Poland and London to attend classes

Murray, Brian: $14,600 to travel to London, Glasgow, and Dublin to attend theatre

O'Connell, Caitlin: $15,000 to study singing and attend various plays

Payton-Wright, Pamela: $16,220 for a study of historical dancing

Robinson, Roger: $15,500 to participate in the Adelaide International Arts Festival in Australia

Scruggs, Sharon: $15,000 for five months of intense study on vocal production

Stram, Henry: $15,000 to study at Alliance Francaise and observe theatre in Paris

Sussman, Mathew: $12,000 for classes in vocal technique and clowning classes with C. Baye

Torsiglieri, Anne: $7,500 for classes and training on comedy and farce

Winters, Michael: $15,000 for a workshop on the language of Shakespeare and to see productions in Britain


2000 Drama School Fellowships

Guildhall School of Music and Drama

Barron, Martin: $12,500 for the "Acting for Film" class at the New York Film Academy

Caldwell, Finn: $3,200 for an international workshop on the history and technique of the mask in Italy

Mason, Rosanna: $11,500 to travel to Italy to explore theater, film, and acting

Nicholls, Gareth and Moseley, Victoria: $7,500 to travel to Russia to work with V. Skorik on Chekhov

Juilliard School

Hernandez, Juan: $7,000 for Spanish classes and to study the works of classical Spanish playwrights

Lepor, Pauline: $10,000 for an artistic exploration of writing

Pardo, Diego Daniel: $9,000 for an apprenticeship at Juilliard in voice and speech

Preston, Carrie: $10,000 for a four week film workshop and on-camera acting classes

National Theatre School of Canada

Delisle, Melanie: $6,200 for three workshops at the Phillippe Gaulier School in London

Gaquere, Geoffrey: $4,300 to work with other Montreal artists on Belgian theatre

Marchand, Veronique: $3,500 for mask classes

Mennell, Sarah: $4,800 for a workshop with Theatre de Complicite in London

Sokolowski, Rafal: $10,700 for an apprenticeship at Ludwik Solski Academy for the Dramatic Arts in Krakow

Tisch School of the Arts at NYU

Hamilton, Melinda: $5,000 for study in the areas of movement and dance

Kelly, Kevin: $9,750 to study at the Traveling Light Theatre Company in England

Nickson, Kecha: $7,500 for studies of African dance and culture through dance lessons, drum and storytelling workshops

Rini, Peter: $8,000 for a three month comic acting class in Italy

Yale School of Drama

Black, Paul; Devaney, Robert; Fischer, Alexa; Kok, Geraldine; and LaPorta, Robert: $6,500 to produce "Romeo and Juliet" at the International Theatre School Festival in Amsterdam

Channer, Lisa: $6,900 to conduct live interviews with Gen X'ers in Russia to research the end of the Cold War

Dorsen, Annie: $5,700 for an apprenticeship with a Serbian director

Kwon, John W.T.: $9,200 for a tour of Zen monasteries and centers throughout Japan

Roper, Alicia: $7,000 for a six week intensive course in American Sign Language

Taichman, Rebecca: $8,000 to conduct research on the State Jewish Theatre (Goset)