1998 Advanced Study Fellowships:

Ackroyd, David: $15,000 to travel to Europe to study theatre practices

Anderman, Maureen: $1,457 to travel to Stratford, Ontario for the Stratford Festival

Breuler, Bob: $6,000 to travel to England and Ireland to study theatre practices

McCann, Christopher: $15,000 for voice and breathing lessons

Monk, Isabell: $7,600 to investigate the art of storytelling

Pelinski, Stephen: $12,000 for a summer internship at Atlantic Theatre in Nova Scotia

Rosenblatt, Marcel: $7,690 for an investigation of the various approaches to acting

1998 Drama School Fellowships

Guildhall School of Music and Drama

Hanlon, Carmen: $9,000 to travel to Japan to study acting techniques

Robins, Serena: $13,500 to travel to India to conduct research for 'Girl-Child'

Tierny, Aidan: $5,000 to travel to Moscow to work with V. Skorik at GITISS

Juilliard School

Phoenix, Alec: $6,000 for intensive study of Astanga Yoga and travel to India

Stepter, Trellis: $12,000 to explore the voicework of Cicely Berry and apprentice with a director and playwright

Thomas, Maya: $4,500 to attend the Manhattan School of Music Professional Musical Theater Workshop

Tietjen, Laura: $5,000 for an apprenticeship with Grahame Weinbren and a study of technology and performance

National Theatre School of Canada

Carpenter, Frederick: $4,200 travel to Berlin to apprentice with a cabaret company

Collins, Kevin: $7,000 for advanced training in mime and the creation of a solo mime work

Cote, Anne-Marie: $5,250 to apprentice with two theatre companies

Despins, Claude: $5,600 to attend a theatre conference in Lisbon, Portugal

Manuel, Tara Maria: $4,200 to travel to Berlin to research the cabaret scene

Parenteau-Lebeuf, Dominick: $5,250 to participate in the Royal Court International Summer School

Tisch School of the Arts at NYU

Barnett, Bridgette: $2,700 for a three week summer intensive program at the National Stage Combat Workshop

Dashiell, Anita: $6,000 to perform "Resurrection" and conduct discussions on race and discrimination

Dawes, Bill: $10,400 for work on acting techniques

Ramshur, Steve: $8,000 to study somatic training systems including yoga and bioenergetics

Stein, Adam; Binder, Jeff; Craig, Liam; Elam, Genevieve; Matrone, Marissa; Ramirez, Maria; and Shamos, Jeremy: $8,000 for a production of "Zibaldone" at NYU

Yale School of Drama

Auberjonois, Tessa: $8,000 to study various representations of the "Maharbarta" in Hindu culture

Castro, Robert and Landowne, Mahayana: $10,000 to travel to South America to study the performing arts in Argentina

Colimon, Magaly: $7,500 to observe the work of emerging playwrights of color in Britain

Keh, Vivian: $8,000 for interviews of Asian Americans to document their experiences as immigrants

Lee, Charles: $9,000 for travel to Japan to observe various Butoh companies

Rivers, Kyle: $7,000 to travel to Senegambia to observe performances and training of griots