1997 Drama School Fellowships

Guildhall School of Music and Drama

Jacques, Nina: $15,700 to study Indian theatre

Mills, Matthew: $12,500 for a workshop exploration and development of a new play script

Rajan, Andrew: $16,400 to create a feature film based on work developed by a group of actors

Ventura, Stephen: $3,900 to visit Calgary to observe a theatre-sports master and do research on native culture

West, Alana: $10,900 to observe Mike Alfreds and the Method & Madness Company

Juilliard School

Appel, Irwin: $10,000 to create an organization called "Shakespeare Now"

Robinson, Nathaniel: $15,000 for a symposium on the negro unit of the WPA and a workshop production of "Voodoo Macbeth"

Tisdale, Michael: $9,800 to travel to Russia and Ukraine to complete two plays set there

National Theatre School of Canada

Choiniere, Olivier: $7,200 to travel to France and Italy to write a play called "Venice in Quebec"

Contamine, Pascal: $8,600 for workshops in the Feldemkrais techniques, acrobatic dance, and biomechanics

Johnson, Lise Ann: $11,000 for a three month apprenticeship with the Saratoga International Theatre Institute

Monty, Francis: $9,800 to join the International Summer Academy in Stuttgart and produce a play at the Goethe Institute

Randoja, Karin: $7,200 for intensive vocal training at the Roy Hart Centre

Thome, Keath: $7,600 for the creation of the "Kicking Bull Theatre" group in Alberta, Canada

Tisch School of the Arts at NYU

Borba, Andrew: $6,800 to travel to Eastern Europe to witness the transition and change there

Brooks, Torben: $9,650 to study two productions with P. Gaulier in London and observe a director's work in New York

Dillahunt, Garret: $10,000 to study singing

Dominguez, Jose: $9,700 for a study of children's art programs

Hinkle, Marin: $10,000 for intensive vocal training

Richards, Jeremy and Sunjata, Daniel: $9,700 to tour a summer production of "Woza Albert" in New York

Ruebsamen, Gary: $10,000 to develop and produce a project called "92 Days" with four other graduates of Tisch

Yale School of Drama

Cronise, Amy: $5,000 for training at the Kripalu Center for Yoga, culminating in certification as a Yoga teacher

Duprey, Jacqueline: $11,000 to trace the connection between the Orishas and Brazilian theatre

Goldberg, Eyal: $2,500 to travel to Russia to work with L. Dodin, artistic director of the Maly Theatre

Granucci, Annette: $10,000 to travel to Italy and observe the work of the Teatro Di Roma

Harmon, Weir: $2,500 to study in Russia on the Revizor Project

Hines, John: $8,200 to do research in Ireland on accents

Kent, Tod: $8,000 to do research on the fakaleiti

Parke, Evan: $11,000 for a summer film workshop at Vassar College

Reeves, Scott: $9,500 to travel to England, Venice and Cyprus to research Iago

Reynolds, Joe: $7,000 to study commedia dell'arte with a world-class theatre group

Stevens, Elizabeth: $2,500 to study in Russa on the Revizor Project

Stribling, Laura: $10,800 to travel to England to study Boudicea, Empress Maud, and Queen Matilda

Utter, Andrew: $9,800 to participate in a Schaubuhne production as an assistant

Wild, Alec: $2,500 to study in Russia on the Revizor Project on the subject of Meyerhold