2001 Advanced Study Fellowships:

Greer, Kevin: $14,300 for singing, speech, diction, and voice lessons

Harmon, Jennifer: $13,000 for lessons on the Alexander technique, text coaching, and voice work

Hopper, Tim: $7,700 for singing lessons, voice work, and training at the Saratoga International Theater Institute

King, Floyd: $14,935 to travel to England and Germany to observe actors' approach to classical roles during the rehearsal process and take classes on Shakespeare

MacKay, Lisbeth: $7,925 to attend theatrical productions at the Stratford and Shaw festivals and in various American cities

Pashalinski, Lola: $10,600 for voice work and voice lessons and to travel to Greece for a workshop on the Alexander technique

Roman, Carmen: $14,650 to travel to New York and London to take classes and attend theatrical productions

Spinella, Stephen: $11,900 for voice lessons


2001 Drama School Fellowships

Guildhall School of Music and Drama

Alcina, Javier: $12,450 to travel to Germany for advanced acting training

Hughes, Edward: $11,660 to travel to Argentina to study Tango

Salam, Zabarjad: $8,670 to travel to India for a workshop on Kathakali Theatre and internships with two Indian theatre companies.

Ladbury, Hattie and Stephens, Paula: $6,960 to travel to Canada to attend a theatre festival and observe Canadian Theatre.

National Theatre School of Canada

Filion, Genevieve : $6,560 to travel to France for vocal training

Grenier, Christian-Michel : $6,600 to travel to England for a musical theatre workshop and for vocal and guitar training in Montreal

Weilbrenner, Fanny : $9,260 to travel to Italy for vocal training.

Tisch School of the Arts at NYU

Bryant, Brienin : $7,210 for training in the Alexander technique and a class on scene-study

Christophersen, Libby : $5,585 to travel to Lithuania for an internship with the Siauliai drama theatre

Yale School of Drama

Bain, Regina: $8,188 to travel to Spain to study Flamenco

Gaviria, Adriana : $7,845 to travel to Taiwan and Vietnam to study water puppetry

Katona, Peter : $9,187 to take ancient fencing classes in Italy and New York City

O'Blenis, Edward Jr.: $9,198 for internships relating to the use of technology in theatre

Rigsby, Glynis : $5,022 to travel to China to work with Cantonese opera companies