1995 Drama School Fellowships

Guildhall School of Music and Drama

Dean, Jonathan: $12,000 to observe and participate in the work of the Gardzienice Theatre Company in Poland

Eldridge, L.J. : $15,000 to travel to South Africa to observe and participate in theatre

Jones, Sean and Roylance, David : $12,000 to travel to Japan and explore the culture


Juilliard School

Doerr, Mark; Farmer, Nicole; Foster, Karen; and Pennington, Linda: $10,000 to start a threatre company in California


Dove, Lisa: $10,000 for training in the Suzuki method and a production of "The Killing Game"


Ehrenfreud, Zachary: $1,850 for an intensive workshop at SITI to expand physical and vocal vocabulary

Kaplan, Rick: $10,000 for a workshop in combat arts and the development of a modern version of "Macbeth"

Rainey, David: $10,000 for a production of "Othello"

Smith, Dustin: $10,000 to act as an assistant to four directors

National Theatre School of Canada

Binet, Caroline: $7,320 for a summer workshop at RADA and workshop with Belgian actors

Byrne, Fiona: $7,320 for a workshop and touring with theatre companies in Ireland

McBride, Celia: $7,320 for acting and playwriting training in Ireland

Mouwad, Wajdi: $7,320 for a workshop of a production of an original play in Montreal

Sibiga, Mariusz: $7,320 for intensive training and performing workshops in a Polish Theatre

Tisch School of the Arts at NYU

Bourgere, Teagle: $6,000 to study Shakespeare by attending rehearsals and productions in Britain

Green, Fanni: $10,500 for the completion of an original play

Kenzler, Karl: $10,000 to travel to Irealnd for six weeks to study the oral tradition of the Irish culture

Naimo, Jennifer: $4,000 to complete a six week lab at the New York Shakespeare Festival

Rosenberg, Jonathan: $7,500 for a trip to South Africa to work at a Johannesburg theatre and university

Topol, Richard: $8,700 to study the production process at various U.S. theatres and produce a play reading in Santa Fe

Tousey, Sheila: $8,000 to produce, direct, and act in three plays

Wilson, Rainn: $5,300 to study clowning with various Canadian clown masters

Yale School of Drama

Anthony, Trevor and McCarthy, Thomas: $15,000 to write and produce an original play

Calhoun, Kaia: $12,000 to travel to Africa to explore traditional African theatre

Cremin, Susan: $8,150 to travel to Russia to research Chekov and study contemporary Russian theatre

Grappo, Constance: $8,300 to attend a Suzuki method workshop and write and produce an original theatre piece

Hinton, Nathan: $4,000 for six months of dance classes/workshops