1999 Advanced Study Fellowships:

Ballard, Laurence: $15,500 for private tutorials with C. Berry and Alexander training

Bamman, Gerry: $7,500 to attend the Ibsen Festival in Oslo

Bayes, Christopher: $14,750 to travel to Europe to study clown and mask work

Danson, Randy: $5,000 to travel to Europe to attend theatre festivals and complete language work

Epps, Stephen: $16,500 to travel to London to observe theatre and to Europe to observe Theatre de Complicite

Kennedy, Laurie: $15,000 for an internship at the International Shakespeare Globe Center

Phillips, Angie: $15,000 for clown, Bouffant, and other classes in London

Robinette, Nancy: $5,500 to travel to Ireland to explore Irish theatre

Shay, Michelle: $16,550 to study the Shamanistic and transformational aspects of acting

Simpson, Fay: $15,000 for a three month internship at the Globe in London

Turner, Stephen: $13,000 for one year of intensive voice study

Wang, Luoyoung: $8,870 to study Beijing opera, English speech and acting for the camera


1999 Drama School Fellowships

Guildhall School of Music and Drama

Charlton, Jud: $10,000 for an apprenticeship with Ken Campbell

Hadfield, Samantha: $4,500 to travel to Brazil for research on a screenplay

Leaning, Fiona: $7,000 to travel to NYC to work with Uta Hagen and the Wooster Group

Loke, Kwong: $2,000 for continuation of 1996 project

Pearce, Oscar: $10,000 for an exploration of improvisation with a variety of leaders, directors, and teachers

Juilliard School

Ditelberg, Julia: $8,000 for classes on the Alexander technique

Lautier, Claire: $7,000 for classes in singing, jazz, ballet, yoga, and pilates

Pabotoy, Orlando: $9,000 for a one-year apprenticeship with Christopher Bayes

Story, Thomas: $9,000 to study singing technique and song interpretation for the theatre

National Theatre School of Canada

Chevalot, Simone: $6,020 for a month of training at the Mime Centrum in Berlin and a week of training at the Odin Teatret

Couture, Gina: $7,000 for an apprenticeship with Atlantic Theatre Company and a Practical Aesthetic Workshop

Gibson, Mary Jane: $5,500 to attend classes in the President's Program at British American Dramatic Academy

Paradis, Renaud: $1,750 for voice workshops with S. Wilfart in Belgium

Perron, Nancy Caroline: $7,700 to attend Butoh training at the Kaza Ohio Studio in Japan

Tisch School of the Arts at NYU

Barall, Michi: $4,000 for intensive Pilates work, bio-energetics, and voice coaching

Huff, Neal: $5,000 to attend a month of Theatre Athenee and Vieux Colomnier

Mulamba, Gwendolyn: $6,000 to develop vocal, audition, and performance techniques and ear training

Yale School of Drama

Carter, Adrienne: $9,900 for travel to Brazil to study African culture, samba, candomoble, and capoeria

Glushak, Joanna: $9,700 to attend "Actors Work on Physical Actions" in Italy

Goldberg, Eyal: $9,000 for continuation of 1997 project

Hart, Jim: $8,500 to study theatrical mask dancing in Bali and India