1998 Advanced Study Fellowships

Benesch, Vivienne : $3,600 for classes at the Actors Center

Duva, Christopher: $3,600 for classes at The Actors Center

Rothe, Lisa: $3,600 for classes at The Actors Center

1996 Drama School Fellowships

Guildhall School of Music and Drama

Loke, Kwong: $12,000 to travel to Bali and Singapore to observe threatre, dance, music, mask work, and storytelling

Palmier, Deva: $10,000 to develop filmmaking skills in New York and take a course on writing and directing short films

Spriggs, Jeremy: $10,000 to study at the Volkbuhrn Theatre in Berlin

Juilliard School

Breckenridge, Robert: $10,000 for research in the Western U.S. and Colombia leading to a multi-media dance theatre piece

Martinez, Marcos: $8,300 to attend the International Theatre Anthropology conference and work with an Israeli theatre group

Poretta, Greg: $5,400 to apprentice with a composer and writer

Rainey, David: $5,000 for workshops with the Juggernaut Theatre

Valdes-Lim, Ana: $10,000 for an outreach program to teach drama in the Philippines and a manual on voice and improvisation

Zito, Ralph: $12,000 for training to become a certified instructor in the Alexander technique in New York

National Theatre School of Canada

Campbell, Shawn: $7,667 to observe the processes of two theatre companies

DeGrandpre, Frederick: $7,667 for voice and body training

Holmes, Eda: $7,667 to develop and produce a performance piece entitled "Hermine"

Horacek, Michelle: $7,667 for a post-graduate program in Czech theatre performance

Hubert, Isabelle: $7,667 for a residence in France involving writing and acting

Thompson, Severn: $7,667 for a residency with the Footsbarn Traveling Theatre Company in Paris

Tisch School of the Arts at NYU

Barr, Drew: $7,000 for musical training at the Greenwich House School of Music

Borsay, Latonya: $10,000 to travel to Ghana to focus on aspects of African culture as they relate to the theatre

Giobbe, Anney: $6,500 for classes at the Actor's Center and a workshop at the RSC in London

Kirsh, Robert: $9,500 for workshops on clowning and physical theatre in New York, California, and Wisconsin

LaVecchia, Antoinette: $6,000 for classes on clowning, Chekov, and Shakespeare at the Phillippe Gaulier School

Mwine, Ntare: $6,000 to travel to South Africa to study a cappella singing with Ladysmith Black Mambazo

Wadsworth, Oliver: $9,000 for research into the work of Delton Welsh in Texas and Britain

Yale School of Drama

Blinkoff, Daniel and Eaddy, Michael: $15,000 to mount a tour of the play "The Blood Knot" and conduct educational programs

Farlow-Chalawsky, Max: $10,000 to study "Clown through Mask" and for a collaboration with D. Sklar on playmaking

Lane, Preston: $12,000 for research in Appalachia and Britain on Southern Appalachian culture

Melrose, Rob: $15,000 to travel to Germany, France, and Italy to observe productions of Shakespeare

Memran, Steve: $10,200 for travel in North Africa and the Middle East to understand how separatism affects culture

Steven, Susan: $7,700 for workshops in stage combat

Talbott, Jeff: $9,250 to learn sign language and translate Hamlet's soliloquies into American Sign Language for videotaping